Sunday, March 16, 2008

It was a Casey Mae Day...All the Way!

We returned from Pawlet, Vermont with little Casey Mae around 2:45 this afternoon and immediately introduced her to the other Cluckin’ “A” dogs. That went extremely well and everyone excepted her as better than I expected. We were a little surprised when Dutchess fussed over her so sweetly considering the crab ass she is around the other dogs most of the time, but later she held true and nipped at her when they were out on the rear deck. Now, that’s the Dutchess we know, happy when she wants to be and a real crab the rest of the time.

Casey Mae has quite a blood line with a bunch of grand Champions in her background, including her father which was brought over from France. She has a very rich family history and when you check her over, it shows through her in every way.

It was a very nice day and a scenic drive from Troy up through New York to Pawlet, Vermont. Just past Mechanicville, we came to a field with thousands of Canadian Wild Geese in a grassy field. I have never witnessed that many geese in one spot before in my life. On the way back, we simply drove down route 30, snapping several pictures on our way to Bennington where we stopped to eat and then drove back to Troy, New York again. Below are some pictures we snapped along the way.

This picture shows 1/10 the amount of Canadian Wild Geese we observed in this area just beyond Mechanicville, New York.

Gathering maple sap the old fashioned "tap & bucket" way of collecting.  We took these beyond Salem, New York

State of the art collection method....Tap & hose to single large tote basket. Some trees have 3 or 4 taps and hose connections. They do an entire wooded section as you can see.



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