Wednesday, March 19, 2008

MUD season

One of the reasons I didn’t buy a farm in Vermont was the terrible mud season, that lovely time when all the snow melts and the ground can’t handle any more water and it becomes very deep mud. It’s like quick sand, you get stuck in it. I thought, I’m safe, no mud season here in the Catskills. How wrong I was. We have a mud season also. It’s every where. On the car and in the car on the dogs, our clothes and all the brand new carpet. My hoover steam vac can’t keep up. It’s getting to the point that the dogs don’t want to go out and walk in it and if they don’t go out you can only guess the results. It’s even bad for the chickens, all the water travels down into their pen and it becomes a pond. Chickens don’t like water. When they do go out their little chicken feet get muddy, they go into the nest, lay an egg and step on it with their muddy little feet. The eggs are gross and need to be cleaned. The only ones happy about this mud season are the ducks. They love mud, they live for mud. They stick their little yellow bills into the mud and suck it up. They lie in it then go into their barn and muddy up the woodchips. So for any of you reading this blog that thinks living in the country on a farm is the perfect life, think again, think about mud season and enjoy your nice clean carpet that you can lie on and watch TV.

carpet by the back door.

Bears paw, only brave puppy

towel to wipe doggies feet after 1 trip out

I got stuck tonight.


Training an 8 week old puppy under these conditions is not what I consider fun!!!  Please let this rain stop.

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