Thursday, March 27, 2008

March 27....Evening......Brooding House Completed

Well, we did it! We finished the outside of the brooding house and got the roof on without any rain. I think it turned out really nice for two old carpenters without a hammer. Most everything is level, square and plumb, which is more than I can say for myself most of the time. It looks like we might need to give it another coat of paint though……so Vicki will follow up on that, but I think she needs to get another gallon of stain.


Looks Good I think!!

Nice shed to raise peeps in!!

Nice all the way around.

A little cleanup tomorrow and some more paint!

Ready for peeps next week!

I will now switch my attention to finishing the lumber list for the big barn, so we can get the skid steer in here and I can start digging holes and setting poles. We have a total of 32 poles to locate and dig holes for. Not a bad job if you have a skid steer with a post hole attachment.

There will be a ludicrous number of fence posts to plant around the outer perimeter of the field too.

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