Sunday, March 23, 2008

A Sweet Day Ended

What a beautiful Easter Sunday this has been, shared by family, we all enjoyed it and one another. We had a lovely dinner of ham I made and leg of lamb that Vicki made. She also made a yam and marshmallow dish, a scalloped potato dish and pickled beets to go with the two meat dishes. It was a regal meal enjoyed by all.

Afterward, Richie and I worked on the barn plans as you can see below and everyone else talked and nibbled on desserts.

Richie on the left, the other is me going over the barn plans. Katie is the ham. 

Katie and Anita, Vicki's Mom, holding Casey Mae

The guys are into it and the girls are, as usual. bored to death, but we all had a good time together for Easter. (that's Robin in red beside Richie.)  

Tomorrow we begin construction on the brooder house for the chickens, ducks, guinea hens and the turkeys. we'll take pictures as we hit our thumbs, cut our fingers and mis-read the tape measure. We'll cut boards three times and they'll still be too short, but we can afford our labor rate, so we'll be happy! By the end of the day, I'll surely be tired and we might have a building of sorts. Check in and see for yourself what's going on tomorrow.


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