Wednesday, March 19, 2008

casey Mae's first vet visit

It was time for CaseyMae’s first Vet visit and she was eager to get in the car and go. It was a relaxing ride to the vet unlike the rides with our other 4 dogs. Princess and Dutchess throw up the first 5 minutes of the trip, Bear and SnavelyMill get thrown up on and I have to clean it up while Skip is driving and cursing about their barfing, not fun. What a nice change to have a dog that likes to travel. Casey will be a great ride a long dog,, you know the kind I mean, sitting on the front seat with her head hanging out the window, tongue swinging in the wind and loving it. The vets office is brand new just opened last week. He had the office built from scratch, so quaint front porch and all. The waiting room is small only can fit a handful of people at once, a nice way to meet new people. She weighed in at 11.4 pounds, a big puppy for 8 weeks old. The Vet thinks she’ll be big like her daddy and we’re fine with that. I love big dogs. She had a urinary tract infection and puppy vaginitis which she got a shot of penicillin for. She seems improved a little today. She liked the vet, he’s really nice and you can tell he really loves animals, a very dedicated man. There was a write up in the local paper about the opening of his new office, seems he is the 4th vet to open in greene county and we were fortunate that he opened less than 5 miles down the road. We don’t get lucky that often around here, usually everything takes 45 minutes to get to, what a treat. Snavely is getting back to herself today, she has been giving me the cold shoulder since we brought CaseyMae home. I mean really pissed at me. If I look at her she turns her head, won’t take a bone from me, won’t kiss me and hasn’t given me her famous poke. I tried everything to win her back, this morning she came on the bed and lied next to me, I think she finally wants to make up, I hope so she is my best buddy. I just got off the phone with mid-Hudson and gave them a piece of my mind, that’s not the way I like to start off my day, when the rooster crows it usually soothes my soul. Between mid-Hudson and MR our nasty rooster, it’s not been happening. If Mr attacks either one of us again, he’s getting kicked out of the hen house. He better behave until the new barn is built or he’s gonna be one unhappy rooster. He hates me and attacks me regularly, now he’s starting with Skip, not a smart move. Got to go get ready for catskill I’ll try again to post some pictures.

First attempt at playing

Snavely is checking out Caseymae

Playing inside a first for Snavely casey

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