Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Good to be Home!! I Love It Here!!!!!

We got up early this morning and started the trek down to New Jersey. We made it to Vicki's appointment with time to spare......and before we left there,  delivered a dozen eggs to the doctor. Then we went on down to the other appointment where afterward, we delivered a dozen eggs to that doctor too. We stopped at several stores on the way back and ate lunch at the Morgan Fishery. That is a tiny fish market, restaurant type place along route 35 in the town of Sayreville where Vicki used to live before buying the farm upstate. You can buy raw fish to go, bulk fish then cooked to go or just buy a meal to eat there in the restaurant. If you are ever in the area of Sayreville or Laurence Harbor in Old Bridge, New Jersey, make sure you stop at this little fishery for a meal of excellent gourmet seafood to your liking. What a place, Vicki and I love it! We took a bunch of pictures along the way, so here are a few of the good ones.  Some are proof positive that spring is in New Jersey and not far from Up State New York. Just look below!

This is the Morgan Fishery in Sayreville, New Jersey.  It is really close to Laurence Harbor in Old Bridge.

Here's the sign to look for if you're ever in the area.

The buds are out!!!     Proof of spring! It's almost here!

A yard full of beautiful Crocus proves spring is here to stay!

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