Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Buildin'...Paintin'...doorin'... windowin'...& Froggin'????


March 26.....cold, windy, but we still worked on the Brooding House and tomorrow we'll finish er' up. Vicki painted while I hung the door and two windows. We will install trim tomorrow along with the roofing. It was just a bit too windy to mess with metal roofing overhead. I never wanted to do any hang gliding anyway, so we're hoping for calm winds tomorrow.

Vicki started to paint when we had the building finished.

The fruits of our labors are sweet!!

Roofing and trim and we're done.

We'll have her finished tomorrow and chicks in it soon.


All the while Vicki and I were busy, we kept seeing the ducks running, running, running.....finally we saw what they were had a frog and all the others were running after them trying to get the frog. This went on for a good while and I saw them with at least 5 frogs at different times. They all turned into frog hunters supreme.

Rover is on the run with a frog from the pond. Everyone's chasing her to get her frog.

Grover got this frog. It was a big one!


The chickens were very productive today also! I think we got 8 eggs even with the construction noise!!

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